Why Kids Should Have Phones

TV, but on phones.

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We can access vast amounts of content on our phones or devices. I and young people I know believe it is increasingly.


Teenagers should be stopped from having mobile phones in school because their brains are not mature enough.

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Here’s why kids should leave their phones at home.

I tell my kids, who are seven and four, that they can have a cell phone when they’re old enough to buy it and pay for a monthly plan themselves.

Though some parents think phones are only used for wrongdoing, they wouldn’t know — when they were young, they didn’t have smartphones. That is why I do not believe parents should have such a large.

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Some kids start much younger. Nearly 20% of 8-year-olds have.

should model good behavior! Your parents are the No. 1 most important influence in your life, and that goes for technology use as much.

Bright lights and screen time are often associated with damaging sleep and insomnia, especially among children. Various apps.